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Vacuumschmelze GmbH

The VAC product range comprises permanent magnets and magnet systems, materials and parts as well as
cores and inductive components.

Permanent Magnets and Plastic-Bonded Magnets:

Since 1973 VAC has been producing sintered Rare Earth Permanent Magnets from SmCo and NdFeB. VAC is the market leader in Europe in this.

With the VACODYM and VACOMAX alloys VAC achieves highest energy densities for permanent magnets today.

Magnet Systems

Magnet systems are manufactured as a further value adding step using adhesion technology. In this process, VAC combined permanent magnets with soft magnetic materials from its own production.

Features relevant to function can be ensured by the use of magnet systems. VAC can dimension, design and manufacture highly complex magnet systems. VAC excels by mastering strong magnetic forces on an industrial scale.

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In the Materials and Parts division VAC manufactures high-quality crystalline, amorphous and nano-crystalline materials.

All VAC alloys are melted in this division: soft magnetic materials, permanent magnets, magnetic semi-hard materials and alloys with special non-magnetic properties. These materials are the basis for the product diversity of VAC.


Enhanced products such as punched and bent parts, sheet packages and screens are made from the materials in this division.

As well as standard products, VAC also manufactures tailor-made solutions developed in close cooperation with its customers.

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The unique combination of high permeability with very low losses of the alloys is the basis of the innovative VAC core range. The high-quality crystalline NiFe cores made of ULTRAPERM® have been market leaders for decades.

They are constantly being technically and economically optimized and ensure the reliable functioning of residual current safety switches.

Inductive Components

Material knowledge is only one of many skills needed for the inductive components and modules. VAC offers a low-cost design in an optimized volume with maximum reliability.

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